I have homework to do tomorrow but i’ll probably end up drawing anatoly and svetlana


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i want more anatoly/svetlana interaction pls

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Assassin’s Creed with kittens.

Okay, when are we going to get playable kitten assassins Ubisoft? Don’t gimme that double your development schedule garbage either.

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people who are enjoyable in real life but make unfortunate choices in their online personas are so disappointing

aren’t they just

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update on facebook guy

he types “lolz” a lot

i’m not sure how i feel about this

it’s weird because he’s really wellspoken and seems pretty smart otherwise

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people that think about bucky barnes a lot

  • steve rogers
  • me


Today in 1553: Mary I, eldest daughter of Henry VIII, is crowned at Westminster Abbey 

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nah fortunately he’s not a brony xp

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i think i blew freddiejtrumper's mind

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there’s this guy in my history class who seems incredibly intelligent and i like talking to him in class and whatever

but i just friended him on facebook and 


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